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Sales Questions Every Business Owner Needs
an Answer For

We know that not every sales conversation goes off without a hitch. Nothing is worse than being caught off guard by a question you just weren’t ready for, or one that you want to think deeper on (but time is of the essence in that moment to respond.) Rather than trying to formulate an answer in a tizzy or let a hard question derail a sales conversation, do the prep work ahead of time to ensure you have robust answers prepared for even the most difficult questions.

Take some time to answer the following questions and be sure to save your responses. Be thoughtful about your answers, take time to consider how you’d best like to tackle them, and build them into your framework of approved messages for all of your future sales conversations. Pro tip: if you’re working with a team who assists during sales conversations, have an open dialogue with them about your unique answers to these Q’s to better prepare them to handle objections and difficult questions in an honest and thoughtful way… by dedicating the thought to these questions ahead of time.

What gives you the authority on this topic?

This should be something you’ve communicated clearly and built up over time on Instagram, with your ideal client fully knowing that you’re the right expert (for them) on a certain topic. But if you haven’t yet communicated that authority online, now is the time to do it! List your specific proof-of-authority points to create a concise answer for anyone who has questions about why they should trust your expertise (pro tip- don’t forget to link them to your “About” page on your website incase they want to dig further).

How long have you been creating these results for clients?

If you’re a veteran business owner, it’s easy to explain that you’ve been in this for X years and have created X results for X amount of clients. But what about new entrepreneurs or those who have pivoted into new offer territory and don’t have a proven track record yet? Don’t let this question trip you up- simply answer with honesty and emphasize the pieces of your experience that make you highly qualified.

Example: “This is a brand new offer so you’d be getting in the door before anyone else, and I’ll be dedicating my focus entirely to these first 10 members of the cohort!”.

Are you actively using the tools and tactics that you’re selling me?

Would you want to dine at a restaurant where the chef hasn’t event tried the food? Probably not. Just like consumers in any other industry, your buyer wants to know that you’ve tried and test the methods that you’re selling. Now, this can feel like a complicated question if you’re an advanced business owner selling something for beginners, like templates or starter courses. Or someone with a B2C enterprise that hasn’t needed to utilize your methods personally. No need to stress, simply focus on explaining how your own testing went + the results you got that allowed you to progress to X, or the results of your clients.

Example: “These are the tactics I used when growing my following from 0 to 20k organically! It’s the foundation I’ve built my operations on, and now I’ve evolved it even further into an advanced strategy for my team to use.”

How can you prove I’ll get results?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball and there’s no way to know with 100% accuracy that every client will achieve a given result. However, here you can explain what work your other clients put in that garnered a certain outcome. Think about reworking the answer to tell them how THEY can ensure they get results in your program.

What is the average result for all of your clients/students?

Don’t just focus on the high end of the spectrum, be open about average results that your clients get in order to paint a realistic picture of what’s possible. Use this prep period to gather the averages of your client results to better be able to say “here’s what MOST people experience by putting in the average amount of work, and here’s what certain people have achieved by going above and beyond in their work.”

ABC Business is charging far less, why do I need to buy from you?

If your potential client is already playing the comparison game, assess whether they’re looking for a true price to beat or are simply unclear of your value. Before you ever have to encounter this question though, lay out how you’d best like to phrase your answer so your messaging stays on brand- you can focus on the features of your offer, the customized experience they’re getting, or the experience that you’re bringing to the table. Whichever direction you choose, remember to keep your messaging around competitors positive and brief- no need to delve into nitpicking someone else’s offer when your offer and the client’s results should be the center of the conversation.

What if I get inside and try it for a bit but don’t like it. 
Will you give me a refund?

Say it with me “I stand behind my refund policy!” If you’re getting questions like this during your sales conversations, it may be a red flag that your ICA is already unsure and not yet mentally committed to seeing the offer through. If you’re feeling that they just need reassurance that they’re investing wisely, have a brief summary of your refund policy prepared to send, and then link them to your sales page.

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